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Our Shop…. Behind the Scenes!

Posted: January 26, 2016 in Spray What!?

Have you ever wanted to see what it looks like behind the scenes in our facility?!  Check out our spray booth and chemical room!  We are proud to spray High Pressure utilizing the industry leader GRACO XP1 Reactor.  Currently we spray Rhino Linings Hybrid Application 1:1 ratio.  We are proud to spray the best with Rhino Linings!


Check out these pictures from SEMA 2015!  Rhino Linings Corporation used pictures of our shop to re-create our shop in Vegas for the renowned SEMA trade show, we were excited and honored to be featured like this!

Rhino Linings SEMA 2015

Rhino Linings SEMA 2015

DSCN6737 DSCN6738

We recently sprayed a very nice 2015 Ford F150, of which the customer stated, “We’re really happy with the Rhino.  Nice work! “ and sent of a few pictures.  He captured perfectly what our new spray in Bed Liner looks like.  Thanks John Pszeniczny for the Photos!

rhino2 rhino3 rhino5 rhino6


Check out the Metal Cloak Fenders and Flares we Coated with Rhino Linings Hybrid on Mike’s Jeep Wrangler Rubicon!  This Jeep sees lots of Offroad use, and is protected from Rocks and Trees by Rhino Linings!

What is under your Plastic Bedliner?

Posted: September 15, 2015 in Spray What!?

Have you ever wondered what it looks like after we remove a plastic bedliner and before we spray a new liner?  Check out this pic from last week!20150903_101655[1]

Check out this WWII vintage military trailer, we coated the inside with the Rhino Linings Hybrid Application

Military Trailer Rhino Linings

Military Trailer Rhino Linings


A customer brought us a newer Diesel Ram 2500 that he recently purchased, and due to the plastic liner that was in the bed was unaware of the damage that the previous owner was hiding.  We were able to help him repair the areas that were damaged, and then coated the bed with our Hybrid Application.  It turned out great!20150616_142443[1] 20150619_160341[1]