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Rhino Linings is becoming very popular in the industrial and manufacturing sector.  These racks are used to store stainless steel sheets, they turned out great!IMG_7029 IMG_7030

Just sprayed this awesome looking RAM 1500, it looks great!IMG_7026 IMG_7027

John Boat Floor Tuffgrip

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Spray What!?
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What a great way to make sure your fishing boat lasts forever! Have Rhino Linings of York Spray it with Tuffgrip!IMG_7003 IMG_7002

Here is a quick picture showing the custom color, white Willy’s CJ2a IMG_6995 IMG_6998Tub that we Rhino Lined with Tuffgrip recently.  This ‘ole Jeep is going to be awesome when it is finished!