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When you need a truck that is a portable workshop look no further than this amazing #Ford F650!  We were given the opportunity to cover all aspects of bed protection, box tops, floor & rear bumper for Wagman Construction.  We used Rhino Linings Hardline for its durability and impact resistance.  For added utility and traction we added a crushed glass aggregate to the rear bumper, no slips there!


IMG_7105 IMG_7102 IMG_7101 IMG_7100 IMG_7099

A delighted customer contacted us regarding Rhino Lining their dump trailer after we recently coated their truck.  Check it out!  This trailer measured over 14′ long, we used Hardline for its extreme characteristics.  What a pair, now ready for work!IMG_7055 IMG_7056 IMG_7057

This awesome new diesel 3500 Silverado was treated to a nice coat of Hardline in the cargo area of the utility body, as well as the tops of the boxes and rear bumper.  Although difficult to tell in the pictures, we added a crushed glass aggregate to the rear bumper which provides excellent traction.IMG_7015 IMG_7016 IMG_7017 IMG_7018